alkaline ionized water

Take home alkaline ionized water! 

It's highly recommended to begin with ionized alkaline water level 1 for two weeks, then adjust to level 2 for two weeks, and then adjust again to level 3 for daily drinking water. The gradual adjustment will help your body get accustomed to the higher alkaline pH levels. 

There are many uses for alkaline ionized water for each pH level. 


Ionized alkaline water (pH 8.0-10.0):  
(for drinking; levels 1, 2, 3)

  • Drinking:

    • dink at least half your body weight in ounces in order to gradually change an acidic level of water (which occurs in all bottled waters) to an alkaline one

  • Detoxification from heavy metals (read more here)

  • Increases hydration:

    • recover more quickly after athletic activities (you know when you drink water and it feels like it sits in your stomach? Ionized alkaline water actually gets absorbed by your body and delivers strong hydration quickly)

  • Reduces harmful VLDL cholesterol and triglycerides

  • Increases weight loss

  • Fights bone loss:

    • increases absorption of minerals including calcium and magnesium 

  • Cooking:

    • use for meats, veggies, fruit, washing rice, making tea, coffee, smoothies and juices, soups and stews.

  • Great for brushing teeth

Highly ionized alkaline water (pH 11.0+): 
(not for drinking)

  • Food prep:

    • wash veggies & fruit

  • Cleaning:

    • general cleaning and to disinfect cutting boards

  • Stain removal:

    • this water can remove most stains amazingly well, including coffee, soy sauce, oil stains, toilet bowl and more

Purified water (pH 7): 

Purified water is preferable over bottled or tap water, and can be used as a good first step into alkaline ionized water. The pH level 7 is still less acidic than bottled and tap, which means there's a lower concentration of hydrogen ions.

Acidic (oxidized) water (pH 6): 
(this is a green product!)
(not for drinking)

  • Natural cleaning:

    • avoid using harmful chemicals in household cleaning products. Clean your house without chemicals and remove dirt and grime, and help prevent odor. Effectively clean glass, mirrors, cutlery, the stove top and oven, and other appliances with sticky or difficult to remove residue

  • Skin care:

    • using acidic water to wash your face can improve the complexion of your skin as it works as a natural astringent help relieve dry and itchy skin and removes dirt and oil without the use of chemicals

  • Salt Mixture:

    • Acidic water made with dilute salt solutions can expedite the healing process of cuts, scrapes, insect bites, rashes, athlete’s foot, nail fungus, blisters, acne, eczema, blisters, and poison oak/ivy irritation

  • Hair Care: 

    • it works better than the popular apple cider vinegar rinse! Its great for your scalp and leaves your hair feeling soft and looking naturally shiny

  • Antiseptic: 

    • can be used as an antiseptic for abrasions, cuts, and a mouth wash to assist in removing plaque from teeth (do not brush with acidic water)

  • Food: 

    • Wash your fruits, vegetables and meats to kill bacteria

  • Plant Care: 

    • Watering your plants and vegetables with acidic water will promote growth and reduce fungus. Cut flowers will last longer in acidic water