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"Longevity is an awesome gym. Joe, the owner, is super helpful and in the short time I've been working out there he's helped me a ton with Olympic form and overall strength and conditioning. Ruth, one of the trainers there, is awesome as well and super creative. It seems like she's always got some cool new core excercize, [sic] or a helpful cue to help keep my form under control.


As someone who spent two years at a national chain gym, I can honestly say I wish I'd started at Longevity and never looked back. They've got everything you could ever ask for, and the staff is fantastic."


If you're looking for a new local place to work out, Longevity is the place for you. These people know strength and fitness and have helped me so much with form, conditioning, and even my diet. I can't recommend them enough!

Brendan Byrne

I realized at the last second that I hadn't set up a remote location to train while I was on vacation over Thanksgiving break. In a panic, I checked the USAW website for gyms in Santa Fe, NM, and emailed the two I found, asking if they allowed drop-ins for Olympic lifting and what it would entail. Longevity responded to my email within the hour, welcoming me to join them at their gym. This was a RARE treat. Often times, when I go out of town, especially to a popular tourist destination, it can be a huge pain trying to find a location that will let me drop in during any open hours (let alone during the holidays) to get on a platform and get through my programming.


They had a more than reasonable drop-in fee ($10), and welcomed me with smiles when I walked in the door. I spent a little over two hours in their facility, and not once did I feel unwelcome or out of place. Everyone was very kind and I had plenty of space and equipment to complete snatches, clean&jerks, weighted walking lunges, and much more.


I would HIGHLY recommend their gym to locals and visitors alike.

Christine Smith

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I had a great workout at Longevity gym while visiting Sante Fe! Plenty of space and equipment and friendly and helpful staff.

Ryan B.