If you can afford a membership, we ask that you not utilize Silver Sneakers as we only receive about $3.00 per visit. Unless you utilize the gym more than about 32 times per month, we make zero profit (which goes to paying our staff members, keeping the gym up to date and maintaining what we already provide for all our members, Silver Sneakers and non-Silver Sneakers alike).


We offer Silver Sneakers so people that cannot afford a gym membership have a welcoming, open and positive place to get and maintain strength, balance, coordination and overall physical (and mental) good health.


We ask that if you can afford a gym membership that you do not use Silver Sneakers. We are a small, local gym and do not have the size, wealth or resources of a corporation. 


Tivity Silver Sneakers use and regulations:

▸All TSS members who are enrolled at the Longevity! location:

  • must sign in upon every visit

  • are permitted to use all gym equipment excluding power lifting, Olympic lifting and Cross Fit items. Lifting and Cross Fit take a heavy toll on equipment and are a specialized offering.

▸TSS does not cover Personalized Fitness Plan memberships nor personal training sessions. 

     These services are available at an additional cost. 

▸ Current Longevity! members are not yet eligible for TSS, but may be offered in the future

▸All TSS classes are free for TSS members and $10 for non-TSS clients.