Intro to Barbell Package

This package is ideal for the beginner who wants to get stronger, or perhaps just wants to know how to correctly perform the low bar squat, overhead press, bench press or deadlift. 


We lay a solid foundation, building all movements from the ground up, which can be VERY beneficial even to those who have had prior barbell exposure. Movements can be modified to accommodate past injuries or limited range of motion.

This package will begin with 90 minutes of platform time, thoroughly coaching you through the low bar back squat, overhead press, bench press and deadlift.

Following the barbell instruction, we will lay out a personalized linear strength program, building upon the skills and knowledge that you gained during your time on the lifting platform. The foundational programming we give you here can help you get stronger for the next 2-3 months.

But it doesn't end there! We want you to be successful once you take these skills back to your gym. Video your lifts during your next two workouts and Summit Strength will review them in detail and give you feedback on your form, at no additional charge! 

Summit Strength Coaching offers one-on-one and small group coaching to help you get stronger, more capable and more empowered than ever before.  

In-Person Form Checks

Even the most experienced lifters can benefit greatly from the watchful eye of a barbell coach. 

This session is ideal for the athlete who has already experienced the Intro the Barbell Package, or has a foundation with the Starting Strength curriculum and wants to improve their lifting technique. Athletes must meet one of these two qualifications for this package to be beneficial to you.

Session are 60+ minutes and the lifter will complete lifts (typically two) under the watchful eye of an in-person coach, receiving instant, high quality feedback.

Coaching Subscription

This package includes personalized strength programming from your Coach, sent directly to your email inbox every week. It also includes two one-hour in person form checks with your coach each month!

This is ideal for the athlete who has already completed the programming included with the Intro to Barbell Package and wants to keep the strength train rolling while cleaning up any technique flaws! 


Your coach will be there to help guide you when you miss a training session, fail a rep or need more advanced programming to keep you getting stronger.


It won't be easy. It won't be glamorous. It will be heavy. And 100% worth it.

Brittany currently lives in Santa Fe, NM where she serves as a Fire Captain/Paramedic. In addition to her 16 years in the fire service, she has experience coaching strength athletes, group classes and cadets in the fire academy at a local level. Her background includes the Crossfit Level 1 certification, ACE Peer Fitness Trainer and she currently works as a paid intern at Starting Strength Online Coaching. She has competed in Strongman, NASA Powerlifting, USSF Strengthlifting and Crossfit competitions.  If you ask her, she’ll tell you in her younger days she wasted a lot of effort trying to get fit/thinner/better at her job through boot camp classes, spinning classes, figure skating lessons, weight machines, cardio machines, training for half marathons and adventure races. While fun, none were as impactful as Starting Strength. Her one regret in life is not getting under the barbell sooner. 

Meet Brittany